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Kevin Cassidy

For as long as human beings have walked the Earth, our fascination with 'Story' has been at the very center of our existence. Not only are we the tellers and hearers of stories that unfold with time, but we are the perpetual servant of story, the vessel through which story lives, and at the center of the human experience, it is the very survival of 'story' that is in fact paramount.

Kevin Cassidy

My Story

My name is Kevin Cassidy and I have always been interested in family history. As a child I remember being asked if I was related to David and Shaun Cassidy. Since my father was named Jack Cassidy too, one could wonder. I always thought, why don’t we know which Cassidys we are related to and which ones we are not related to? I planned someday to do the research and answer those questions. In my early twenties I collected names and dates from my father’s eldest sister, my maternal grandfather’s cousin and my maternal uncle. That sat in a folder for a few years until I got married in 1993. A few month’s later my wife’s grandfather died and as we were cleaning his home we came upon an 1883 wedding invitation from Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Munson for their daughter Nellie here in Omaha.

My mother-in-law knew that Nellie was Bomma, her great-grandmother, who would pinch Donna’s cheeks. She went by Bomma instead of Grandma because she was too young to be a grandmother. We were curious what O.D stood for. I went down to my local public library the next day, loaded a roll of microfilm and I was hooked. I was able to find the marriage license and certificate for the wedding of John S. Miller and his bride Nellie Munson. His parents were Reuben L. Miller and Margaret Shrader. Her parents were Orson D. Munson and Sarah E. Powell. They married at the North Presbyterian Church.

I had found my calling

I immediately enjoyed this endeavor. The research flowed naturally and logically from one generation back to the previous one; step by step. Census records, birth and death records, newspaper obituaries and cemetery headstones helped fill in the pedigree charts and family group sheets. I started writing letters to Manhattan parishes to build my own family tree. Over the next few years I have persisted piecing my own family tree together. My maternal grandparents and all four paternal great-grandparents were born in Ireland. The six of them emigrated to New York City and raised families there. They are all buried in the same cemetery in Woodside, Queens, NY.

The great-grandparents arrived before Ellis Island opened in 1892. They landed at Castle Garden on the southern tip of Manhattan. My grandparents arrived in 1924 and 1925 at Ellis Island. I learned about the cousins, nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles that also immigrated to Manhattan. It has been said to find something you are passionate about and then make it your life’s work. I am intrigued by the questions and problems that family history presents. I also possess a quick mind and an incredible memory to sort through the process and persistently find the answers. I can’t always find the solution but I can make sure to investigate all paths and look for new ones after the trail grows cold.

I am uniquely qualified to help you with your research. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. I have studied how to examine documents and differentiate primary from secondary sources. I also have a law degree which taught me the difference between beyond a reasonable doubt versus clear and convincing evidence versus more likely than not. These skills help me to navigate the problems and come up with solutions and not just ignore inconsistencies and irregularities. Discrepancies between censuses and other records must be examined. I can determine when is the same person being described with a variety of ages and when are the differences so damning they can only be explained by the existence of a second or third John Smith.

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Let Me Help Tell Your Story

I liken genealogy to a game of solitaire. You are searching for records in the same way you flip cards. Every time you discover a new document or piece of information it opens doors to find new dates, names and places. This is similar to when a red Jack finally appears and you are able to move  individual cards and rows of cards in solitaire, and then it often stops. You keep flipping cards until you have another move. You keep writing letters and looking for documents in the family tree game.

In solitaire you are limited to 52 cards in 4 suits and 2 colors. In genealogy, there are a plethora of births, baptisms, deaths, censuses and the like to search for answers and keep the brick walls to a minimum. An individual can be married multiple times. His obituary may run in multiple newspapers. Let me help you find the cards your game of solitaire needs to get you your family history answers. I love the card game of solitaire. I play at least one hand a day on my iPad. I love family history even more. I am honestly just as thrilled and satisfied to solve problems and puzzles on another’s family tree as I am on my own.


Every researcher will inevitably run out of leads and successes in the hunt for ancestors and collateral relatives. I can provide a second pair of eyes to help you “get out of the ditch” and on your way to more research successes. Your research will be reviewed to see if there are any leads you may have missed or not yet considered. I will offer you a strategic plan for your next steps and efforts.



This service is geared towards the person who has often wondered about their roots but not taken the first steps to fill in the family tree. A thorough examination of what you do remember and know about your ancestors and other kin will be conducted. Each family tree is unique so levels of success will vary, but I will never charge you for my time to tell you what you already know.

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I have never kissed the Blarney Stone but I have no problem speaking in front of groups of people. I am available to speak on a variety of genealogy and family history topics. Some of the lectures I have prepared include:

- Follow Your Family Through Their Chain Migration,

- Female Connections are the Best Road to Research Success,

- Researching Irish Records from Home,

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Pricing will be handled on a case by case basis with no minimum fee.
One of the main reasons GreenGenes was formed was to offer an affordable solution as an option to the overpriced alternatives that seem to have cornered the genealogy research market.

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About Kevin Cassidy

Personal Bio

Kevin Cassidy is an American of Irish descent. He grew up in the NYC metro area and attended public grammar schools growing up. He began an 11 year stint with the Jesuit fathers from high school onward graduating from Regis HS in NYC, Creighton U in Omaha and Marquette Law School in Milwaukee.

He married a woman he met their first day of college. They were married 17 years and blessed with three children in 1997, 2000 and 2003, before he lost her to breast cancer. Please make sure you and yours are checking for lumps every month, early detection is still the best defense against cancer. Kevin and the children visited Ireland twice in 2012 and 2015. It was great to see the scenery, visit the townlands and villages of his ancestors and visit with cousins.  Kevin enjoys going to the movies and following the men’s tennis tour regularly on the Tennis Channel. 


  • Diploma in Family History, Distinction, City Colleges; Dublin, Ireland
  • Juris Doctor, Marquette University Law School; Milwaukee, WI
  • Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Creighton University; Omaha, NE

Genealogy Education Experience

  • Attendee, 2016 British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa Annual Conference, 9-11 Sep 2016, Ottawa, ON.
  • Attendee, 2016 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, 1-3 Sep 2016, Springfield, IL. 
  • Attendee, 2016 Celtic Connections Conference, 5-6 Aug 2016, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Attendee, 2013 Spring Workshop Greater Omaha Genealogical Society, Omaha, NE.
  • Community Volunteer, Family History Center, 2014-2015, Omaha, NE.


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  • Kevin Cassidy, “Researching Your Irish Ancestors,” 2011 Spring Workshop Greater Omaha Genealogical Society, 9 Apr 2011, Omaha, NE.
  • Continuing Education Instructor, "Shamrock Finders" and "Family Finders", Metropolitan Community College, 1997-2011, Omaha, NE.


  • Kevin Cassidy, “Researching Northern Ireland,” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sep 2016, 7-11. 
  • Kevin Cassidy, “Tracing Michael Gillen: A Case Study,” Family Chronicle, Nov/Dec 2009, 37-41; republished in Tracing Your Irish Roots: A Collection of Previously Published Articles from Discovering Family History,Internet Genealogy and Family Chronicle, 2010, 47-51. 
  • Contributing Writer, Genealogy Today, 8 online articles,
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In The News

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"I reached out to Kevin to help me uncover my family history and the results were phenomenal.  I highly recommend him as a genealogy researcher.  He will not disappoint"

- Lisa Gochenour

Kevin is amazing!
He is so thorough and methodical...follows up on every possible lead.  His presentations are very clear, knowledgeable and entertaining.  He is one of the very best to do your genealogy!

- Pam Bass

Thank you for your expert assistance in building my family tree.  I have shared your work with several family members.  It has been exciting to discuss the history of our kinfolk, share stories and debunk some of our “handed down” tales. It has been great working with you.  We all appreciate your sincere interest in developing our family’s history.

- Patricia Quinn

Your research into my family tree was interesting, enlightening and key to bringing together over 75 family members at a gathering on Cape Cod... Since this family gathering, most of our extended family has kept in touch.  Without your superior research this happy event would never have happened. This party turned out to be a family highlight.  Your research led to a wonderful get-together and lasting family memories.

- Ginny Shepard

"I find Kevin’s approach to his research to be extremely methodical.  His no-nonsense demeanor belies a strong, intellectual competence and a remarkable self-discipline.  His work is unfailingly professional, analytical, and well prepared.  With his legal background, he has the qualities that distinguish him as a genealogist, and I recommend him without hesitation."

- David McKone

I am so grateful for your help in gathering all the information on our McGuire-Dalton family from Ireland. You opened the door and led me in to much of my past. You do have a talent and knowledge, thank you for sharing that with me.

-Bette Collins

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